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Muy bonitos, el mejor regalo!

Peluches muy hermosos, desde la caja hasta el acabado de cada uno de ellos. Da pena romper la caja que tiene impreso el rostro de cada uno de los personajes. A mi novia le encantaron. Lo recomiendo, el servicio de compra fue muy bueno, una experiencia exelente.

Winnie Face Cushion
Michelle A. (Philippines)
✨A must have 100%✨

So I first got Tobi and I was so satisfied, i just HAAAAAD to have Winnie too! 💕

2nd time purchasing and I can confirm that the delivery approximate is correct. 👍🏻 The box had all the right info so it won’t get lost and was sealed with cute Tonton friends stickers! Best box not gonna lie! XD

I ordered Winnie and Tobi and since the box is small, they were placed vertically inside so the ears got squished a little and the head part. I just fluffed it back to the right shape. ❤️

She’s the perfect huggable size and well made 100%! 💙 Definitely worth buying the squad! (Bella I’m coming for you! 💕 Yuta, come back ;-;)

Thank you so much Tonton friends team for the great quality cushions and the surprise sticker!!! Super happy with my purchase.
I ❤️ you guys! 💚💚💚

Tobi Face Cushion
Michelle A. (Philippines)
Awesomeness 110%!!!

Tobi cushion is HUGE! way bigger than I expected! 💕 Sheer happiness came. The packaging was made with love, the shipment timeframe was justifiable and Tobi Is soooo worth the wait! Super plush, and high quality. I’ll definitely get Winnie and Bella too! Love love love 💕

More power and love to the Tonton friends team! 💚 Such an avid supporter. Here’s me still hoping the plushies would one day be available again. ❤️❤️❤️

Tobi Tonton Plush
Danny U. (United States)

I surprised my girlfriend with this as one of her Valentine’s Day gifts.
She loves all of the cute Ton Ton Friends characters, especially Tobi!
She wanted a Ton Ton Tobi plush so badly and when it finally arrived she was so happy! She even cried!
I’m really glad that the item was shipped quickly so that it showed up just in time to surprise her.
The plush is so cute and the quality is VERY good. Kind of wish I would’ve ordered Winnie as well. Maybe that’ll be the next purchase.
P.S. She really loves the packaging too, so maybe send us a roll of the cute Ton Ton Friends tape ;D

Tobi Tonton Plush
Albert I. (Philippines)
Excellent delivery time

The package was nice and it arrived earlier than I expected. I hope Yuta is available soon.

Winnie Face Cushion
Thu H.B. (Vietnam)

Very beautifuly

Winnie X Face Package
Dimitris S. (Greece)
Tonton Winnie face cushion is amazing!

Me and my girlfriend have been following the webcomic for quite some time and she always says that my character is similar to winnie's. So I got her the winnie face cushion and the winnie plush as a present to reminder her of me and she has been loving them both ever since. The face cushion is quite large, plumpy, soft and squishy and lives up to its chubby reputation. It also looks to be of good quality as we have it for almost 8 months and it still looks as new with no signs of wear or any damage.


All of them arrived in perfect condition and the delivery was really fast (just 15 days from Korea to Mexico), and most important is my girlfriend is so happy :)

Yuta & Bella Tonton Plush Set
Tim C. (United States)
Love love!

These are the best!!

So adorable !

I bought them as gift, i also have full of Tonton family members. It will be more lovely choices like keychain, decorate stuffs, office stuffs,... which have tonton members printed on. Ex : the tape you use to cover the box that deliveried to customers, it's really cute.

Tonton Friends Tonton Plush Set
Marla C. (Philippines)

Customer care was very friendly, responsive, and helpful with my inquiries. I ordered the plush set a few days they went on a holiday break for Chinese New Year, but as soon as they got back they processed my order and shipped it right away! The plush toys look SO CUTE and ADORABLE, I even love the packaging tape that they used on the box! Wouldn't hesitate to other again, I'm obsessed with Tonton Friends!

Yuta & Bella Tonton Plush Set
Boonyathorn (Thailand)
Lovely product

My girlfriend loves it a lot.

Yuta Tonton Plush
Jared (Philippines)
I would buy 10 Yuta's if I had an excuse to do so

But then I want tobi and winnie as well so I'll get one for my mom too.

More seriously, the package arrived with zero problems with the cutest chubby packaging tape that I almost didn't want to cut through (you guys should sell that too *wink). The plushie is of great quality and I've been bringing it to work even lol.

Winnie Tonton Plush
Joash L. (Malaysia)
Soft cutie baby

I love Winnie so much! Thanks for selling it in stock, I waited so long to get hold of baby Winnie. Love the packaging too with cute Tonton tape!

Bella Deco Pack
Federico B. (United Kingdom)
Lovely stuff

My husband bought me a nice present for our anniversary. We always follow Bella and Yuta stories and we like to think that we are similar to the them.
Thank you very much for the nice packaging,keep up the good work.🥰

Yuta & Bella Deco Pack
GT (Philippines)
Tonton products for everyday use!

I always hoped that there would be Tonton Friends products that would have more practical uses besides being cute plushies and cushions - I'm so glad we finally have these! I use the Yuta keyring for my car keys and the Bella keyring for my house keys - now I'm reminded to be just a little bit chubby wherever I go! ^_^

The Tonton plushies you've always dreamed of!

The items arrived safe and secure! The plushies themselves are soft and cute and cuddly, and are made of good material that seems to last long. The additional items that come along with every plush - the stickers and adoption certificate (plus bonus hand mirror gift if you get the set) are what make it truly worth getting. This is a definitive gift for any Tonton Friends fan - be it yourself or someone you love.

Yuta & Bella Tonton Plush Set
Anchuleerat M. (Thailand)
So cute

Good product for couple. My boyftiend and me really like it. International shipping is good.

Tonton Friends Tonton Plush Set
Jesse V. (Philippines)
Super Worth it!

Tonton and friends are soooo cute and adorable :)

The packaging was super nice and the branding is all over!

They came within a week of ordering (shipped to the Philippines) and customer support was very responsive and friendly.

Superb quality of the plushies , very thoughtful certificate of adoption and stickers so nice I don't want to use them haha.

Kudos to the team behind Tonton and friends :)

Yuta & Bella Tonton Plush Set
Waraporn T. (Thailand)

So cuteeeeeee ~
I love TonTon ☺️

Tobi Face Cushion
Lovellie A. (Philippines)
More plush toys

Arrived fast and very convenient to order. Just wish you can make the plush toys available again. Many thanks!

Tonton Friends Bubble Stickers
Dylan D. (United States)
Adorable!!! :)

These stickers are among the cutest things I've ever ordered, and they immediately make anything cute when I stick them on the desired objects. My girlfriend and I both love these stickers. I put some on my laptop while she put some on the back of her phone and now they both look 100% cuter. ^_^

Yuta Deco Pack
Teppie42o (Vietnam)
Sooooo cute

Cute gifts, nice package and fast delivery. I love it ❤️

Tobi Tonton Plush
Waldi (Poland)
The best

The Best plush (Tobi) . Ideal delivery. I waiting for Yuta. Super shop

Winnie Tonton Plush
D M. (United Kingdom)
Fantastic Quality

Love the extras like the adoption certificate and stickers ❤️ Very good quality and packaged perfectly