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SHIPPING UPDATE (as of 22/12/18)
Hello. Everyone who loves Tonton Plush.
Today, We got to tell you a bad news.ūüė≠
We would like to tell you that the delivery date of Tonton Plush which was going to be delivered in order after being stocked yesterday will be delayed.
Tonton Plush was stocked today due to delivery issue from China.
While proceeding packing afterwards, we discovered some problems in Tonton Plush.
After giving it a thought, we decided to proceed modification work for the whole quantity to send products in higher quality, and accordingly the delivery will be delayed.
The delivery of Tonton Plush will be delayed by a week and we are going to deliver them in order after stocking them in small quantity as soon as the products are modified.
We're really sorry for the delay of delivery.
Since We feel very sorry about this, We would like to give you 'Decorative item for Tonton plush' and 'Tonton message card' each per order.
We will prepare the products diligently so that you can receive lovely Tonton Plush,
so We would appreciate it if you can wait a bit more.